Dowsing For Underground Water

    I have learned in recent times to shed disbelief about a lot of things. You just never know what is real these days, and what is fake science. Dowsing just might be a thing. Check it out for yourself.

    Building a Gravity Water Filtration System with the 3rd World “Just Water” Filter

    Berkey water filters are a scam, despite what your favorite prepper or truther Youtuber is trying to sell you. This filter is a fraction of the price, and the system itself is simple and cheap.

    Colloidal Silver – How to Make it (AND TEST IT!)

    If you are serious about preparing for the worst, a good friend to have is colloidal silver. It sounds like a very technical thing, but it is really just tiny silver atoms trapped in water. Making it and testing your success is painfully simple, and besides the silver, does not require expensive components. Well yea there is is the silver of course, but you don’t ne

    How to Install a Pitcher Pump

    Red Pitcher Pump in Video – $41.95 Some survival issues are really hard, and some are very easy. If you are on well water and you are worried that you will not be able to [...]