Extra food is never going to be a mistake, especially if you have learned to produce it yourself. But where to start, if you have no clue whatsoever. My results will be from South Florida, but the methodology is universal, and will apply most everywhere. I start with the simple question. Is soil or hydroponics more likely to give you out of the gate success?

    This is one of the misunderstood areas in the prepping space, fraught with disinformation all over the internet. This will give you a brief overview of what you need.

    I was shocked that this product is extremely robust and useful. It holds the heat in with a vacuum tube, like a glass Thermos bottle. Nifty stuff.

    Geiger Counter (plus EMF and RF) – At Star & Bullock HardwareCDV Meter Calibration Service – At Radmeters4U The nuclear threat has never seen much interest in my years of covering radiation on Prepping 101, [...]

    Perimeter alarms are a force multiplier, plain and simple. You will never have enough guards to watch your perimeter, and these electronic helpers word great.

    Berkey water filters are a scam, despite what your favorite prepper or truther Youtuber is trying to sell you. This filter is a fraction of the price, and the system itself is simple and cheap.

    A true multi-fuel stove has to be capable of burning all petroleum based products, including propane, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, and even paint thinner. This is the only stove I know that was designed to do exactly that.

    If you are serious about preparing for the worst, a good friend to have is colloidal silver. It sounds like a very technical thing, but it is really just tiny silver atoms trapped in water. Making it and testing your success is painfully simple, and besides the silver, does not require expensive components. Well yea there is is the silver of course, but you don’t ne

    There is no better stove than one that was created for people who absolutely need it, and that his the story with this amazing Rocket Stove design. Made for African relief organizations, you will not find it anywhere but at sbhardware.com.

    It is so important when you are farming or gardening to get as many things right as you can, because some things almost always go wrong. Healthy big seedlings with good roots start with soil blocks.