True Rocket Stoves from Turkey

    From the small off-grid villages of Turkey comes a Rocket Stove that actually rockets the flame through a compression cone. These are nifty stoves, so if you don’t have an off grid cooking method that burns wood, these are gone when they are gone.

    Solar Vacuum Cooker – Free Energy from the Sun

    I was shocked that this product is extremely robust and useful. It holds the heat in with a vacuum tube, like a glass Thermos bottle. Nifty stuff.

    A True Multi-Fuel Stove – But Not Vegetable Oil!

    A true multi-fuel stove has to be capable of burning all petroleum based products, including propane, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, and even paint thinner. This is the only stove I know that was designed to do exactly that.

    The African Relief Rocket Stove

    There is no better stove than one that was created for people who absolutely need it, and that his the story with this amazing Rocket Stove design. Made for African relief organizations, you will not find it anywhere but at

    A Wood Fired Baking Oven & Cookstove (that isn’t a thousand bucks or more)

    Cookstoves like these usually go for over $2,000, and even the previous small one I had found is now $1,300, but this guy is under $500 even with shipping. It works great, and is an actual daily use stove in many parts of Eastern Europe.

    Cooking With the Sun Oven – It Actually Works!

    The All American Sun Oven This story is best told as a story. I didn’t believe at first that this oven would really work. Anyone can game Youtube videos to make a product look good, [...]