Off Grid Lighting

    Solar Lighting for Off-Grid Living

    Sometimes the simplest answer is the one that works. These solar lights run on the same principle as those probably lighting your front path. It’s got some quirks but works great.

    Diesel Pressure Lanterns – 500 Candlepower -The Coleman Diesel Alternative

    Diesel/Kerosene Sea Anchor Pressure Lantern – At Starr & Bullock Hardware Throughout the years of Prepping 101 I have had the luxury of checking out luxury products. This is one of those times, and it [...]

    The Aladdin Lamp with Diesel

    Aladdin Lamps at Lehman’sAladdin Lamps on Ebay Sometimes for this column, I have to admit that I put things off that give me trouble. Such is the case for the Alladin Lamp. No, it’s not [...]