Long Distance Communications with HAM Radio

    This is one of the misunderstood areas in the prepping space, fraught with disinformation all over the internet. This will give you a brief overview of what you need.

    $35 Ham Radio Sends Morse Code from Phone App – 150 Mile Reach!

    Resources: User Manuals Assembled 49er w/Wifi $34.87 All 49er w/Wifi Radios (assembled & kit) S-Rockmite Kits & Assembled w/Wifi Long Wire Antenna QRP 9:1 Balun Impedance Transformer $7.85 Original Article on Pixie/Rockmite/49er All Prepping [...]

    Software Defined Radios – RTL-SDR – McHF – All Bands – Worldwide Communications

    As the empire begins to collapse around us, and the more aware among us begin to question if the American prosperity bubble will remain, it is pretty easy to freak out about being cut off [...]