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    There were two ways we could have gone about paying for all of this stuff. We could try to sell stuff, or we could try to get advertisers.

    The advertiser route comes with less conflict of interest, because there is already so much material in the Prepping 101 column. Anyone selling freeze dried survival food will have to understand that the majority of articles here on storeable food explain ways to get up to 4,000 calories saved per dollar, while survival food is generally 200 and under.

    Likewise for Gold & Silver dealers. I do hope to get some as sponsors here, but my general advice is to put money into things you can actually use first. When you have no storage left, and you just need a place to preserve the purchasing power of currency you currently own, Gold and Silver are your only real option.

    Some products that we review here will turn into advertisers. GunsAmerica’s Prepping 101 fans have always bought a ton of stuff, and this will be a vehicle for those same companies to get their message in front of upwards of a million subscribers even when we are not covering their products.

    There is no requirement to advertise here for us to review your product, or to feature it in the big picture articles and videos. Please just contact the team at GunsAmerica, and we’ll figure out  where and to whom would be the best fit.

    Please contact for advertising inquiries as well.

    Paul Helinski

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