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    NOTE: This below was written in February of 2020, right as the scam pandemic started to unfold, and none of us knew what was really coming at that time. I had decided to make Prepping 101 into it’s own thing, mostly for the reasons below. But then when this mess started to unfold, I shelved the idea because I didn’t want to be perceived as profiteering off of the problem. Now that we are several steps into their master plan, and a lot of you understand that this was a progression of lies and deceit, I decided to pick Prepping 101 back up several months ago, and now to continue with splitting it off as Grid Down. I plan to launch the first “issue” of the magazine shortly. There is very little content in this shell website right now. It is mostly still over at Prepping 101 on GunsAmerica Digest.  -ph

    Many of you early visitors to Grid Down will recognize me and all of this stuff from GunsAmerica Digest, and my Prepping 101 column.

    I decided to split off this site for a couple reasons. One is that the main GunsAmerica channel is effectively shadow banned on Youtube, and we could be shut off at any time.  There is no point continuously going back to an empty well on a platform that is against our very survival, and certainly our 2nd Amendment rights.

    There are also a lot of complainers online. Maybe you haven’t noticed that yet. But the longer you are here (GunsAmerica has been here since 1997), the more you see that there is no point catering to the fools.

    A constant complaint was that there was too much of this prepping “garbage” amidst the gun reviews and other gun stuff on GunsAmerica.  Prepping isn’t a gun topic. In fact I have repeatedly urged people to not rely on their guns for long term self defense.

    So in an effort to try to reach more people with this information, it made a lot of sense to start a separate Youtube, and a separate website. Those of you who care about this stuff will come, and the numb nuts will not.

    For those of you looking to weather a hurricane or blizzard, you will find a lot of great resources here, but that is not my focus.

    I believe that we are in for a pretty big mess, one in which we will either not recover, or that recovery, back to our prior standard of living, will take a generation or more.

    But didn’t everyone think the world was going to end in the 1960s from the Russian nukes? What about the 80s with “The Day After?”  What about Al Gore’s global warming hockey stick from the 90s? Or Carl Sagan’s nuclear winter.

    Yes, there is always something to be afraid of, but there is also the idea of prudent.

    It was prudent to prepare for utility shutdowns during the Y2K scare. If it had not been for two brave whistleblowers, the whole system would have come down. Thankfully the forces that be were not able to contain the knowledge, and the scramble to save the day, literally, in the prior months made the pain almost nothing.

    That doesn’t mean that if you prepared for it, that it was not prudent to do so.  Nobody wants to eat survival food, or shoot people who come to try to steal it.

    These days, preparing for mass pandemonium is prudent.  Every day more and more people are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to by the power structure on nearly every major crisis in America since Kennedy.  When one of the big ones uncap at a mass national level, people could take to the streets with pitchforks and torches.

    It is prudent to prepare for a freeze of food delivery systems.  The entire supply chain for the whole world runs on credit.  Any large hiccup could make it so the banks don’t trust each other enough to send any money on credit at all. This in turn could prevent those at the top from having the money to transfer the physical goods, or even the money to acquire the physical goods, the food. Pandemonium would soon break out.

    It is prudent to assume that we will see at least one major nuclear accident in our lifetime.  The power plants run on their own electricity to power the cooling systems. Most have inadequate and often broken diesel generators as a backup. It’s a giant ugly mess, but not even the alternative media reports on it, because nobody cares.

    It is also prudent to assume that a major war between the east and the west will break out during our lifetime. I am not a believer that either us or the Russians have the ability to actually launch our forty year old ICBMs, but hey, what do I know. Nonetheless, a war that effects American soil will most likely occur. Red Dawn? Who knows. But it is prudent to understand the risks. We are due.

    Then there is the whole “why the hell are they spraying” thing. I have written about this at length over the years at GunsAmerica Digest, and discussed it in the prepping column. But most people are unable to process what they just do not want to believe. Something big is going on with the climate, and climate engineering. None of the official explanations make any sense, and in many parts of the country there are often up to a dozen jets spraying Solar Radiation Management aluminum particulate trails all day long.

    Overall, the world right now is a pretty ugly place. Special money interests control the government. Everyone at the top thinks that everything is ok, because they feel that they are safe. And they don’t really care about the rest of us.  It’s crazy because they have to breath air, filled with aluminum. They are not immune to radiation if there is a melt down, and they have to eat too. Maybe they are just all alien lizard people.

    I would like to believe that there are easy answers, but I have yet to find any. Ultimately, detached from the power grid, from the technology, from worldwide instant communications, we are all just humans.

    We all need to eat. We all need to drink. We all need a roof over our heads. We all are just people, who want to live.

    That is why Grid Down exists. Boil it all out. Meditate upon it. Look around you right now. That is why you have to survive, starting right now. The music has stopped. The grid is down.  What do you have?

    Paul Helinski

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    • David Updegraff Strawn March 28, 2022, 8:26 am Reply

      Great to see you back in print. I look forward to future issues of your mag.