It is so important when you are farming or gardening to get as many things right as you can, because some things almost always go wrong. Healthy big seedlings with good roots start with soil blocks.

Canning food in glass jars is not my first preference, because they smash, but for many people it will be the only option, especially right now, and boy oh boy does it gives you flexibility when it comes to surviving off of what you can hunt or fish or grow. Canning is easy and safe if you follow the rules.

Cookstoves like these usually go for over $2,000, and even the previous small one I had found is now $1,300, but this guy is under $500 even with shipping. It works great, and is an actual daily use stove in many parts of Eastern Europe.

I am not entirely sure that oxygen absorbers are even required for long term food storage, especially on the timeline we are riding now. But this is a way to make your own that are probably far more effective than the chemical version.

Don’t get scammed by the “survival food” suppliers. Get the most bang for your buck in true calories per dollar, and how to store it.

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